Rooted in deep domain knowledge and technology expertise, we offer a wide range of services including new product design, enterprise system modernization and managed services.

Through a comprehensive service model, we manage each client’s technological environment, thereby becoming a seamless extension of their internal capability.

Our Mission: To provide second-to-none ICT solutions toward expanding clients' business goals.


Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to satisfying clients' needs through consistent methodologies, proven automated tools, effective project management techniques, testing, and quality assurance.

We provide our clients with the latest cutting-edge technological solutions and business consulting in alignment with best global practices.
JobInn InfoTech Inc. understands that every client has unique needs, and different business methodologies are required to cater to these needs. We meet each client’s needs through a series of well-crafted service delivery models.
JobInn InfoTech adopts an offshore service delivery model to meet client’s aggressive schedules and project deadlines. Each client receives the same high quality service while accelerating production through time zone advantages and leveraging exchange and labor rates for superior cost-effectiveness.
This model is well-suited to projects where the development team is required to be close to the project stakeholders, where the project scope is not clearly defined, or where the project is open-ended and iterative in nature. JobInn InfoTech Inc. assigns its consultants to an onsite manager for a comprehensive analysis of project requirements and stakeholder expectations.
Using a combination of Offshore and Onsite Model, JobInn InfoTech Inc carries out client’s project work partly overseas and then undertakes training, implementation and testing onsite at the client’s facility. Our offsite and onsite delivery models is suited for better-quality results and maximizes efficiency in terms of both resources and costs.



Our clients' business outcome is the true measure of our success. This propels us to find creative solutions to the most challenging problems. We are committed to providing second-to-none ICT solutions that meet clients' service requirements.

JobInn InfoTech Inc has been recognized for possessing a latitude of knowledge and expertise in supporting positive change and the ability to profer ICT solutions in concert with the dynamics of the new world.

Software Maintenance & Support

100 %

Custom Application Development

98 %

Network Setup and Maintenance

95 %

Application Conversion and Migration

96 %

GIS Application Development

98 %

Web Content Development

100 %

Digitizing Legacy Applications

98 %

Mobile/Web Application Development

100 %

Application Vulnerability Assessment

90 %

Cloud Maintenance Services

95 %

Point of Sale Systems & Accessories

98 %

Website Development and Hosting

100 %



Your business deserves unique ICT solutions that set you apart from your competitors, and that set you up for profit maximization.

At JobInn InfoTech Inc, we provide a complete suite of software services best suited for individual client's requirements. We offer a managed element with every component of our service delivery through an uninterrupted support service desk.



Using a collaborative approach, our seasoned business executive team meets with individual clients to develop an in-depth understanding of their business. We listen to each client, review their business requirements in alignment with their vision, and provide key expertise - when and where they need it.

With an understanding of the unique nature of every project, we bring a combination of industry knowledge and unique culture to every consultation and client service.



We provide comprehensive solutions and services to a spectrum of businesses from start-up companies to big corporations. As an ICT service provider, we offer end-to-end solutions and are always eager to turn each client's ideas and concepts into creative and meaningful reality!

We cater to our clients' needs by working with them to identify core areas of their business that requires improvement or complete revamp. We provide timely and comprehensive project cost within each client's budgetary parameters.


Business Analysis

JobInn InfoTech Business Analysts are highly skilled, having a good understanding of methodologies and frameworks in business development and analytics, and are committed to achieving key business outcomes.

Project Management

Our Project Management team offers impeccable project management services in compliance with the Project Management best practices. We work with clients through the entire project cycle to better understand, prioritize and improve their business plan and service delivery.


We maintain and manage corporate platforms through services such as email servers, off-site backup, server maintenance and local network maintenance.


Our clients’ business outcome is the true measure of our success and this pushes us to find creative solutions to the most challenging problems.
We have been recognized for possessing extensive skills in building and maintaining quality relationships with our clients.


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